NJ Legislators: Protect Liberty State Park Once & For All

Image courtesy of Friends of Liberty State Park

Since opening its urban wildlife habitats, wetlands, educational programs, healthy recreation, and priceless acres of green space to the public in 1976, Liberty State Park has faced attacks from private developers almost every year.

Where we see a free and irreplaceable gift to each of us in New Jersey, corporate developers see dollar signs. Over and over, they've tried to turn a profit on our park: for casinos, luxury condos, golf courses, a racetrack, a waterpark, a luxury yacht marina, a doll museum, even a high-end strip mall.

Most recently, billionaire Paul Fireman has spent years and untold hundreds of thousands of dollars on a relentless campaign to turn the Caven Point migratory bird sanctuary into a luxury golf course.

Enough is enough: Liberty State Park is not for sale. New Jersey lawmakers must end this decades-long assault on our ecological and communal sanctuary by passing the the Liberty State Protection Act once and for all.

Letter Campaign by
James Solomon
Jersey City, New Jersey