NMSU Graduate Workers Deserve Tuition Coverage and a Fair First Contract!

NMSU graduate workers have been trying to contact Chancellor Arvizu for weeks to express our grave concerns about the University's failure to secure tuition coverage before the start of the semester. Please join us in writing a letter to Chancellor Arvizu today!

NMSU graduate employees live below the federal poverty line and are foced to pay tuition as a condition of employment. This pay to work system is highly unusual (the vast majority of our peer institutions guarantee some form of tuition coverage to graduate employees) and is increasingly unsustainable for graduate workers and their families. Graduate workers are currently in negotiations for their first union contract and have worked tirelessly to try to solve the tuition crisis NMSU has created. Unfortunately, NMSU's bargaining team has so far only offered unfair, insulting, and potentially illegal proposals. NMSU must engage in good faith negotiations for a fair first contract that respects workers' rights and ends the tuition crisis!