No mega prison in Chorley!

Community Action on Prison Expansion

The ministry of "justice" is trying to expand the carceral state, as part of the Prison Estate Transformation Programme, by building over 10 000 new prison cells. Their latest attempt is in Chorley, in what would be 1715 new torture chambers for people already marginalized by the colluding forces of white supremacy, capitalism, trans and queer-antagonism, ableism and colonialism, alongside many other forms of structural oppression and state violence.

However, the Chorley mega-prison has not yet passed its consultation stage, and we have until 19 July to participate in the public consultation! Please use this email tool to write a letter directly to Sarah Mcintryre, who said at the consultation webinar about this mega prison that "these emails won't go into a black hole, they'll be read by me and my team". Now is the time to say no to genocidal mass incarceration projects! If they build them, they will fill them and we can't let one more person face the killer confines of the British prison estate!

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