No Neighborhood Fossil Gas Plants in Hempstead Town

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A national venture capital group, Bloom Energy, is trying to install fracked fossil gas power plants including in East Meadow, NY. They're greenwashing the use of fracked fossil gas by calling it "Green Energy" because they're using the gas to make electricity via fuel cell. This is a false solution.

Though this project doesn’t “burn” fossil methane gas, the process still creates 78% of the climate changing co2 that burning the gas would. Additionally, it actually increases the amount of electricity created from fossil fuels, making it dirtier than our current average electricity generation makeup.

That's not the only issue-a number of projects like this will add demand for gas which may require more infrastructure like pipelines that we would all have to pay for, right when we need to be ramping down our methane fossil gas use and move to renewable energy.

With the current blight of empty retail and commercial property, made worse by the pandemic, approval of a project like this would set an incredibly dangerous precedent and potentially open up every commercial property to a wild west of unregulated, climate-unfriendly, fossil gas power plants in neighborhoods, just because it “can” be done, without examining if it “should” be.

We say it should not. The Town must not grant the variance, and the town should update their zoning for modern housing options that could help create an influx of our young people working their way to the American dream, and reject any power projects that are not 100% renewable energy.

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