No New I-405 Interchange!

A new freeway interchange in Downtown Bellevue is the wrong solution for our safety, our climate, and our health. Transportation staff claim that a new interchange will keep biking, walking, and transit facilities in mind, but none of the alternatives proposed include any schematics for what these facilities would look like - forcing us to approve a plan before all the details are published. New automobile infrastructure will only encourage more people to drive, leading to more emissions in a time when we need to be fighting climate change with everything we've got. And with the increased congestion and emissions, Downtown residents will be negatively impacted by particulate matter that will contribute to respiratory illnesses and years of lost life. Instead of a new interchange, Bellevue and WSDOT should spend this money improving walking, biking, and transit infrastructure to give people more choices in how they get around our city. These solutions are kind to our climate, our wallets, and our future.

Please write to City Council to tell them how terrible this interchange will be for our residents, and visit the site below for more information and other ways to get involved in this campaign!

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