No Platform for Hate! Demand webpage hosts deregister neo-Nazi gig organisers

  • Whereas Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood and Honour neo-Nazi bands are holding a gig on the 12th of October to promote and build solidarity towards a white supremacist neo-Nazi future;
  • Whereas neo-Nazis Blood and Honour are banned in Germany, Spain and Russia, and are listed as a terrorist organisation in Canada; are linked with the assassination of a German politician;
  • Whereas the Hammerskins are a worldwide neo-Nazi terror outfit banned in Spain and Portugal, a member of which was responsible for the 2012 massacre at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin;
  • Whereas Fortress are a neo-Nazi band headlining for Blood and Honour and Southern Cross Hammerskins with lyrics such as “Damn the other races, want to keep my country white / Send the bastards back, if they don’t fucking like it, it’ll be in body bags”
  • Whereas  the websites for these respective groups are used to build movements, fundraise, sell records, and build internal solidarity.

We request and strongly urge that those businesses responsible for hosting and domain registration not stand silent in the face of neo-Nazi terror and refuse to host neo-Nazi websites. In particular, we demand that:

  • Dreamscape/CrazyDomains deregister Fortress/ 9PERCENTPRODUCTIONS . COM and Southern Cross Hammerskins / SCHAMMERSKINS . ORG and Blood and Honour / BLOODANDHONOURAUSTRALIA . ORG and Fortress / 9PERCENTPRODUCTIONS . COM

Campaign Update:

  • A win! Fast2Host have removed the Southern Cross Hammerskins website from their server.

This letter campaign is co-sponsored by:

  • Jews against Fascism
  • Australian Jewish Democratic Society
  • Jewish Labour Bund (Melbourne)
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