Follow up- NCH Tenants Deserve More!

Take 2 minutes today to fight with ACORN and stand up for our member!

On Monday 8th June ACORN sent a letter to the CEO of Nottingham City Homes Nick Murphy to demand the cancellation of an extortionate fee that has been levied against one of our members. We asked them to cancel the charge of £10,000 for works started on his home nearly 3 years ago without his consent. We are also demanding an apology and explanation as to why this issue could not have been resolved sooner.

Our member John lives paycheck-to-paycheck working at ASDA in West Bridgford and cannot afford these charges, that have caused him significant stress and have coincided with a period of ill health. He’s applied for a financial hardship assessment -- sharing confidential information with NCH -- in the interest of getting this charge waived which amounted to no change in the position of NCH.

Our member has spent the last 3 years tirelessly campaigning to have this charge dropped. He was the chair of a leaseholder group in his block flats and has tried with sincerity and determination to cooperate with the council and NCH to resolve this issue.

Together we are strong and can win against the needless bureaucracy that causes so much unnecessary harm in our communities. Help John to approach his retirement with the peace of mind he deserves!

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