NY Gas Plan must transition us to renewables

by Jason Paluck

They were supposed to plan how to get NY State off of fracked gas. But their "plan" doesn't address this at all!

Click " Start Writing" and comment to the Governor and the state regulators to give us a plan that actually plans for the future, ramps down gas, and makes the way for renewables to meet New York's required Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) mandates.

How can you have a "Gas Planning Proceeding" deciding the next 5-20 years, and it does not address getting New York off of gas as we are required to do??? Additionally, nearly 200 NY elected officials signed on to a letter pushing for this plan to phase out gas use, and were ignored.

Great Info from our brilliant allies at "Renewable Heat Now" helps explain:

Write your comment now and help us Displace Dirty Fossil Fuels with renewable energy!
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