OPPOSE HOUSE BILL 364 - My Money, My Choice!

Some politicians don’t trust public employees like police officers, teachers, and firefighters to make their own financial decisions.

HB364, ironically entitled “an act relating to paycheck protection,” is actually an insulting, obvious attempt to quiet the collective voices of educators and first responders. The General Assembly knows you are watching and they don’t like being challenged or held accountable. Even worse, the party of individual choice and personal liberty suddenly believes that you can’t make informed decisions for yourself.

Here’s what HB364 does:

X   Prohibits voluntary payroll deduction for your association or union dues even with your written permission

X   Prohibits voluntary deductions for political purposes even with your written permission

X  Requires your employer and the Attorney General to be directly involved in your association or union membership decision

X  Requires you to confirm your association or union membership every year

We don’t need legislators limiting our personal choices or telling us how to spend our money.

This isn’t about protecting you; it’s about protecting themselves from you.

Instead of addressing the pressing issues facing all Kentucky citizens, HB 364 treats you like children and tells you how you can’t spend your hard-earned salary.

Will you help? Will you tell your elected house representative to oppose HB 364 and continue to support our educators and first responders?

Just enter your information here and send  an email asking them to Reject House Bill 364.

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