Ask Kasich to Veto the Petland Bill

[UPDATE 12/16/16]: In the Lame Duck session, the Ohio House and Senate passed SB331, the controversial measure to block local ordinances regarding the sale of puppies from commercial breeders.

At the time we wrote about the bill, we had no idea just how bad it would get. The House added an array of provisions to stop local communities from doing things like raising the minimum wage, enacting paid sick or family leave laws, or protecting retail workers from unfair scheduling practices like cancelled and on-call shifts with no pay.

The bill now sits on Governor Kasich's desk awaiting his signature. He has less than 10 days and as we learned from the Heartbeat bill, may act quicker than that to avoid all your calls and emails.

So write him today. It's easy! Just fill out that there form over there -->

Thanks Plundercats!

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Plunderbund Action
Columbus, Ohio