Our Families Deserve to Breathe Clean Air

Trucks account for 10% of vehicles on the road but are responsible for 30% of carbon emissions and 57% of particulate matter (PM2.5) emitted by the entire transportation sector in the United States. School buses contribute less nationally but children's developing lungs are particularly vulnerable to their emissions.

The Clean Trucks Act of 2023 (SB0224/HB0230) requires truck and school bus manufacturers to clean up their act.

Please click Start Writing to tell Maryland's Senate Education, Energy, and the Environment Committee and House Environment and Transportation Committee to issue a favorable report on the Clean Trucks Act.

Exposure to toxic truck and bus emissions causes asthma and deadly lung diseases including cancer and obstructive pulmonary disease.

For the safety of our families and to meet Maryland's long-term climate, air quality, and public health goals, we must pass the Clean Trucks Act which requires vehicle manufacturers sell an increasing percentage of new zero-emission trucks and school buses through 2035.

Tell Maryland's legislators to pass the Clean Trucks Act of 2023 and thank you for taking action to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions!