App Companies: Give Drivers and Delivery Workers Our 'Fare' Share!

Join Justice for App Workers in calling on Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and all app companies to cap their commissions at 10%, ensuring drivers and delivery workers take home more of our hard-earned money.

The current gas crisis makes clear what rideshare drivers and delivery workers already know: app companies push the rising costs of business onto drivers and customers, all while taking massive commissions on every trip!

Our workplace expenses have gone up across the board, not only when it comes to paying for gas, but for car and bike maintenance, rental payments, insurance, and more. App workers are suffering – going into debt, falling behind on bills, even leaving the industry altogether.

App companies TAKE more, while app workers and customers PAY more – and it’s not right. Join us in telling app companies what workers deserve.


Justice for App Workers is a coalition movement representing 100,000 New York rideshare drivers and delivery workers, united in their demands to transform their industry. This means living wages, a safe working environment, an end to unfair deactivation, quality healthcare benefits, reliable bathroom access, and the right to form a union. Together, drivers and delivery workers are taking on the multi-billion dollar app industry to win dignity at work. Learn more and join the movement by following @StandWithJFAW and visiting

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