Palestinian Refugees Must not suffer the Consequences of Alleged Misconduct

Several pro-Israel Canadian organizations have been calling on the Canadian government to suspend UNRWA funding as a result of allegations of misconduct by UNRWA senior officials.

Join Just Peace Advocates in letting the Canadian government know that any action to suspend UNRWA funding is unacceptable, and leaves the Palestinian refugees to suffer the consequences of alleged misconduct by UNRWA officials.

Join with Just Peace Advocates as we support the statement from the Palestinian Human Rights Organization Council that "neither the UNRWA ethics office report nor the ongoing OIOS investigation justify the suspension of funding to UNRWA and refugees. Further, the constituency that UNRWA[1] serves, approximately 5.5 million Palestine refugees, are the real people who will suffer from such suspension of funding, which could result in dramatic decreases in vital services provided to them."

The Council indicates that "the UN has initiated an investigation into these serious allegations. Nevertheless, the Netherlands and Switzerland have already decided to suspend funding to the refugee agency effective for the year 2020.[2] While the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) supports the ongoing UN investigation into the alleged misconduct, PHROC is gravely concerned by the decisions to suspend funding to UNRWA.

It is noted by PHROC that:

"The suspension of funding comes at a particularly crucial time, when UNRWA has been appealing to European and other states to increase their contributions in order to fill the gap created by the halting of US funding.  We are concerned that the Netherlands’ and Switzerland’s decisions are influenced by the USA-Israel campaign to undermine and delegitimize UNRWA, which includes concerted efforts to change Palestinian refugees’ legal status and rights under international law."

Join in writing to Prime Minister Trudeau to make it clear that we insist that he personally ensure that his government will protect current UNRWA funding, and in fact increase contributions, in order to allow UNRWA to continue its functions with transparency and integrity. We also insist that Canada resist direct or indirect influence of campaigns that target the very existence of UNRWA and refugee rights. In addition, we call on Canada as a member states of the UN to continue their support to UNRWA by ensuring continued funding and renewing the mandate of UNRWA.  

The member organizations of PHROC include:

Addameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Association

Al-Haq – Defending Human Rights  

Huryyat- Centre for Defence of Liberties and Civil Rights

Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights

Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies

Independent commission for Human Rights (Observer)

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights

Aldameer Association for Human Rights  

Defence for Children International – Palestine  

BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

[1] UNRWA was created via UN Resolution 302 of December 1949 and tasked with providing humanitarian aid and assistance to Palestine refugees. See, UN General Assembly, 302 (IV). Assistance to Palestine Refugees, 8 December 1949, A/RES/302, available at: [accessed 19 January 2018].

[2]Ian Williams, Al-Jazeera, Ethics report accuses UNRWA leadership of abuse of power, 29 July 2019, available at: [accessed 1 August 2019].

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