Pass a new solar incentive bill in Washington State

Solar installations in Washington have been booming thanks to a successful incentive program. Now several utilities in Washington report that they are close to hitting their solar production incentive pay-out caps.

This means that the amount of annual production incentive you receive could be reduced, depending on your utility and depending on what happens in the upcoming legislative session.

SIW is actively working on a solution. We are engaging with leaders in the state Legislature and with utility representatives to pass a new solar incentive bill. The 2016 legislative session begins in January. It is critical to the future of state solar incentives that we pass a bill this session, both for current and future solar customers.

A bill to raise the overall cap was introduced during the 2015 legislative session but did not pass. We need your help now.

Enter your information to send a message to your state legislators urging them to pass a solar bill before it’s too late. No need to look them up--your address and zip code will determine that for you!

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