Pass (HB1204) Transportation Equity Analyses and Assurances Act of 2021

Maryland has a shamefully long history of racist transportation policies, from highways built through Black communities to the cancellation of Baltimore's Red Line route. The only way to correct these horrible policies is by passing the Transportation Equity Analyses and Assurances Act of 2021 (HB1204) sponsored by progressive champion Delegate Sheila Ruth.

HB1204 takes a big step towards dismantling systemic racism in public transit by:

  • Making equity a central goal for transportation planning in Maryland.
  • Creating a Commission on Transportation Equity as an independent transit monitor and evaluator;
  • Directing the Maryland Department of Transportation to collect and analyze data on racial disparities and impact on persons with disabilities; and
  • Creating a state-level equity analysis process to ensure that transit changes don’t create a disparate impact.

Join our letter campaign to urge your State Delegate and Senator to vote in-favor of HB1204 and stand-up to racial discrimination in transportation.


  • Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC)
  • BRIDGE Maryland
Additional Sponsors
Baltimore, MD