Pass the Educator Diversity Act!

For students of color to thrive in the classroom, they need to see themselves represented in their teachers and role models. Research shows that students perform better and have a more positive experience in school when the educators throughout our education system reflect and mirror the demographics of our students. DESE has a stated goal of increasing the percentage of diverse educators from 8% to 25% by 2030. The Educator Diversity Act will give DESE and local districts the policy tools needed to achieve this commendable goal.

Our educator workforce is facing an inflection point, with over half of educators nationwide looking for “an exit route.” According to a poll conducted by the National Education Association, this number is even higher among Black and Latino educators—62% and 59% respectively.

To ensure all students encounter teachers and mentors who understand and validate their experiences, we must break down the systemic barriers that prevent the recruitment and retention of educators of color.

That process starts with you. Use our form to email your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to co-sponsor the Educator Diversity Act, HD.3621/SD.1831: An Act Relative to Educator Diversity, which was filed by Representative Alice Peisch and Senator Lewis

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