STOP the Petrochemical Buildout NOW

Tell the Biden Administration: Stop the Petrochem Build Out

Beyond Plastics' groundbreaking report, The New Coal: Plastics and Climate Change revealed that the U.S. plastics industry is a major driver of the climate crisis. Plastic is on track to outpace coal's greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. by 2030 unless we act now to stop the petrochemical industry's planned buildout.

Not only is plastic’s production, usage, and disposal speeding climate change, it’s also turning our oceans into a landfill and burdening fenceline communities with air pollution and toxic chemicals that threaten their health—a massive violation of environmental justice. This injustice is particularly rampant in Texas, Louisiana, and parts of Appalachia.

Fill out the form to urge the Army Corps of Engineers, the E.P.A, and the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality to stop the petrochemical buildout by rejecting all permits for new or expanded petrochemical facilities.

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