Perrigo: Pay Your Fair Share

The Grand Rapids City Commission will soon consider granting Perrigo a twelve year Industrial Facilities Tax exemption as well as a twelve year New Personal Property tax exemption. These exemptions are entirely legal to apply for, but the city legislature has complete control over granting these exemptions.

These exemptions will benefit Perrigo to the amount of $4.1 million in tax breaks. Of that money, Grand Rapids itself will lose $800 thousand of property tax revenue.

Perrigo is a multi-national corporation based in Ireland for tax purposes with a market cap of ~$5 billion. To say that they cannot pay $4.1 million in taxes to the city and state that hosts them is a slap in the face.

Please consider adding your voice to the movement of people that want to make companies pay their fair share in taxes. Contact the Commissioners and tell them to vote against these tax exemptions, or reduce the time that these tax exemptions are in place.
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