Plastics Bills heading for votes in Sacramento. Please contact your reps today!

As the 2020 legislative session draws to a close, the "Circular Economy" plastics bills we've been supporting since way last year will be coming up for votes in both houses of the state legislature before the end of the month. This is the time when your state Senators and Assembly members need to hear that you support these bills, which will greatly reduce plastics production, greenhouse gas emissions, and the tremendous problems plastic waste is causing in  our environment.

To learn more, click here for the bills' current fact sheet.

Click on "start writing" at right to edit and send automated messages to your representatives.

Please ALSO pick up the phone and tell the office you want the boss to vote AYE on SB 54 (now in the Assembly) or AB 1080 (now in the Senate).

  • If your representatives are on the list of bill co-authors below, thank them for their support and ask them to work with colleagues to assure passage of these bills. Click here to find your representatives and their office numbers.
  • If your rep is not on the list, insist on an AYE vote and also ask they add their name as co-author. The deadline for adding co-authors is tomorrow, Tuesday. In any case, that AYE vote is the most important thing!

Each of these identical bills has passed its house of origin, and awaits a final vote on the floor of the Assembly (SB 54) or the Senate (AB 1080). Passing in either house will send the measure on to the Governor. Bill authors will pull the bills from the "inactive file" when they know they have the votes to pass—but the end of the month is the end of the 2020 session. So the time is now to assure support.  

Click on "start writing" at right to send letters to your Senator and Assembly member and see talking points you may add to your messages. The letters are set up so you'll be thanking the co-authors and asking the others to be sure to vote AYE. Thank you!

Assembly co-authors

  • Lorena Gonzales (principal)
  • Bloom, AD50
  • Boerner Hervath, AD76
  • Calderon, AD57
  • Carrillo, AD51
  • Friedman, AD43
  • Kalra, AD27
  • Kamlager-Dove, AD54
  • McCarty, AD42
  • Muratsuchi, AD66
  • Luz Rivas, AD39]
  • Ting, AD19
  • Buffy Wicks, AD15

Senate co-authors

  • Allen, SD26 (principal
  • Lena Gonzalez, SD33
  • Hueso, SD40
  • Skinner, SD9
  • Stern, SD27
  • Wieckowski, SD10
  • Wiener, SD11

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