Please Pass HB 1389 AND HB 1124: Stabilize Rent For Washington Tenants

Dear TU Members and Tenants,

Rent stabilization legislation is alive and moving forward in the 2023 Washington State Legislature and it needs your help to push it forward further to become state law. HB 1389 caps rent increases at 3% plus inflation but will never exceed 7% in a 12 month period. This will stabilize rent for households and families throughout the state. Tenants in Washington are experiencing some of the highest rent increases in the nation. HB 1124 will require 6 months notice for rent increases higher than 5%, will allow tenants to break a lease without penalty to secure affordable housing and establish a late fee.

It is no longer uncommon for renters to receive rent increases so high they are forced to move or become homeless. Rent increases are being weaponized by landlords to force tenants to be economically evicted without ever going to court and without the Right To Counsel to protect them.

Please sign this letter to members of the Washington State House of Representatives to pass HB 1389 and HB 1124 before the cutoff date of March 8 so this legislation does not die. This message also asks members to use everything in their capacity to urge their fellow House members to support HB 1389 AND HB 1124. This bill will stabilize rent and keep vulnerable households in their homes. Please take the time to sign this letter now. Thank you.

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