NYC Retirees
NYC Retirees

We are asking the City Council to support our proposed legislation currently sitting in the Legislative Office of the City Council and it has been there since December.

The legislation is literally TWO SENTENCES.  

§2.  Section 12-126 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended to add a new subdivision e to read as follows:

­               e. In order to preserve retiree health care choice, the City shall offer Medicare-eligible City retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents at least one Medigap plan with benefits equivalent to or better than those available to City retirees and their dependents as of December 31, 2021. Nothing herein shall be construed to impair the ability of any employee organization to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment for their employee members.

The time is now, to protect retirees like the Council said they wanted to.  This will be the #1 Campaign Issue - Does the Council protect seniors and the disabled? You want us to litigate and we are. The problem, every time we win, they find another way around the Court's decision. YOU can help us stop that.  The CITY COUNCIL gave us 12-126, prefect it NOW. Protect a retiree. BE OUR HERO.

The Council not acting means you're okay with us spending our small pensions to protect ourselves when you can be the Hero and protect retirees like the Council has for decades. Retirees gave up wages for the promise of choices of premium free healthcare. We make small pensions, many under $25k/year.  

This is YOUR future health plan if you stay here long enough.  NYC should live up to its promise & protect its most vulnerable. The cost of our plans are cheapest in the City. In the last report they were $439M/year. Our costs are about $200/month unlike yours which are between $1000-2500.  Keep our cost in the budget, where it has been since 1967. The Council legislated Admin Code 12-126 and all amendments were championed by the City Council to protect retirees. Continue that, because the counsel telling you it's illegal is a lie. If that were the case, when OMB had Mayor Giuliani say that in 2000, and the Council passed the amendment anyway, if it were illegal there would have been a challenge. THERE HAS NOT. And also ask WHY the Counsel, to this DATE, has not put its objection in writing.  

Respectfully, we ask you to do the right thing. Against the pressure, protect us from losing our medical coverage and access to federal medicare and bearing the burden of our full medical costs.  

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