Police Accountability Board

On February 7, the Howard County Council is scheduled to vote on legislation to establish a Police
Accountability Board (PAB) in Howard County. The legislation submitted by the County Executive is
seriously flawed, resulting in a weak PAB with insufficient information to effectively discharge its duties
to drive improvements in police accountability in our county. It is critical that the community speak up
to let the County Council know that it wants a strong PAB.

We must collectively tell the County Executive and County Council:

NO to gagging the Police Accountability Board to prevent communications with the community

on matters of police conduct.

NO to denying the Police Accountability Board the information it needs to drive accountability in policing.

NO to the police policing themselves.

We hope to generate a flood of emails to send a strong message to County leadership. We urge you to share the link with others who want a strong Police Accountability Board in Howard County and encourage them to participate.

Thank you for your support !

Yours in solidarity,

Police Accountability Task Force - Howard County