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Speak Up! Speak Out! Tell the President, VP, and Congress - make family policies inclusive!

Call on President Biden, Vice-President Harris, and your Senators and Representative to make policies for all families.

Please join us in calling for inclusive family policies. All caregiving has value. Whether families use care services or provide care themselves, the care is essential and it has costs. Family policies should must recognize and support all kinds of caregiving.

Lobbyists for those who profit by providing care services spend millions of dollars pushing for policies designed for some families - those who want care services (such as child care or elder care) for their children and/or family members.

Funding only one kind of care is discriminatory. For example: a family who prefers to have a parent stay home to care for an infant might be able to do so if they received a subsidy equal in value to the cost the government would pay to have the child enrolled at a child care center. This would be an equitable, inclusive policy, and parents would be able to choose what kind of care they want for their children. It would align with data showing that 60% of parents of young children don't want their children in child care full-time.

When it comes to caring for elders or others who need care, many families prefer to give much of the care themselves. They, too, need equitable funding.

Families need choice and equity. Policies must support ALL families.

Please let the President, Vice President and your Congressional representatives know that you want inclusive family policies—take action with Family and Home Network by sending a message through this letter campaign. Use our sample letter, add a few sentences, or send your own letter.

Speak up! Speak out!