Portman health care bill

On July 25, the Senate voted on a version of the BCRA that included Sen. Rob Portman’s  amendment for a $100 billion payout to Medicaid expansion states ($100 billion less than figures initially reported under negotiation).

Even the $200 billion originally on the table was called grossly inadequate to assist the 723,000 Ohioans, much less the millions across the country, whose coverage would likely be lost if the BCRA eliminated Medicaid expansion.

This week the legislation could go to Conference Committee. If that were to happen, we can expect another version of the same core bill we’ve seen over and over again, meaning:

·       Coverage losses for millions of Americans

·       Dramatic cuts to federal funding to Medicaid, and capping Medicaid so that these cuts grow over time

·       Elimination of Medicaid expansion

·       Stripping away protections for people with pre-existing conditions and other vulnerable populations

·       Clearing the way for insurers to decrease the quality and comprehensiveness of their coverage

·       Tax cuts for wealthy Americans, insurers and drug companies

Let Sen. Portman know this bill hurts Ohioans and no amendments can fix it. He must vote against this bill moving forward.

Letter Campaign by
Caitlin Johnson
Cleveland, Ohio