Protect Children's Medi-Cal Health Care Coverage

Over half of California kids rely on Medi-Cal. It should be there for them.

Since June 2023 alone, 306,000 kids and counting have lost their Medi-Cal coverage. Almost all are still eligible for coverage. But, long call wait times, lack of language services, paperwork errors, and lost mail are making it difficult for many parents to keep their kids covered, particularly those with limited English language proficiency.

California has a solution: Continuous Medi-Cal Coverage for young children ages 0-5 so coverage is there for them without gaps in the critical period of brain development.

➡️ Tell Governor Newsom & state budget leaders to keep this promise to make young children's coverage a reality.

Even short gaps in children’s coverage can be devastating, particularly for young children who require frequent well-child visits for healthy early childhood development, and for children with special health care needs requiring life-saving medications.

“We took our sick daughter to the doctor’s office. They told us about her not being covered and we were in great shock. They never told us nor explained anything.” - Parent in Oxnard
“We couldn’t get the medication for my son. I was seriously crying, calling every doctor, back-and-forth to the hospital, because he was about to run out any day. He needs it to live.” - Parent in Fresno

With Continuous Medi-Cal Coverage, California will preserve the progress we’ve made in Medi-Cal mental health access, early childhood investments, and expanded coverage. All these depend on having the Medi-Cal insurance card.

Let the Governor & state budget leaders know: Fund Continuous Medi-Cal Coverage to keep kids covered!


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