Protect Environmental Rights for the People of New Jersey!

A Green Amendment would help secure a livable future for New Jerseyans, whose right to clean air and water is not adequately protected by our current laws. Everyone should have the right to live in healthy environments and a stable climate, including future generations, and a New Jersey Green Amendment would guarantee this right.

New Jersey is poised to take the next steps to ensure the Green Amendment moves through our state legislature and toward a constitutional ballot initiative. The NJ Green Amendment already has 42 sponsors in the Assembly and 12 sponsors in the Senate. Now we need the full Legislature to act for the constitutional right to advance to the people (you!), who will make the ultimate decision on the ballot.

It’s vitally important that all New Jersey legislators understand the values of having a constitutional Green Amendment and are prepared to support the constitutional amendment and place the bill on the ballot this November. It’s time for New Jersey legislators to hear from you!

Make sure to click through to send a letter to your three legislators (even the ones who are already cosponsors) and a letter to Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Coughlin.

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