Protect Essential CDC Call Center Workers

The CDC’s own call center has not been following social distancing rules, putting essential workers at risk for contracting COVID-19. A recent NBC News article revealed how giant government contractor Maximus—which services a call center contract with the CDC—packed employees into crowded facilities. Maximus even trained 70 new employees in close quarters amidst the outbreak, at least one of whom became infected.

Maximus employees in Hattiesburg, MS are responsible for answering phone calls for the CDC, providing COVID-19 safety guidance to worried callers. Yet these workers weren’t able to follow their own advice, because Maximus was not providing sufficient protective supplies or allowing enough employees to work from home.

Workers have reported similar problems at the other call centers Maximus operates for the federal government, which together employ 10,000 people. Since March 23rd, the company has shut down call centers in several states after employees tested positive, only to reopen them as soon as 24 hours later—a far shorter period of time than the CDC recommends.

Management has simply failed to take adequate precautions to protect call center workers, even as they work so hard to help other Americans stay safe during this crisis.

Can you stand with call center workers by sending a message to the CDC to demand immediate action to keep them safe during this pandemic? Tell CDC Director Robert Redfield to practice what he preaches.

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