Protect Journalists in Gaza: Boycott the White House Correspondents' Dinner

On April 27, the White House Press Association will be hosting its annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where journalists and celebrities will break bread with President Biden while Palestinian journalists in Gaza are being targeted and killed by Israel using U.S.-supplied weapons.

Since October 7, Israeli forces have killed at least 125 journalists in Gaza - more journalists than have ever been killed in a single country over an entire year.

At last year’s dinner, President Biden demanded that Evan Gershkovich of the Wall Street Journal be released by Russia, and reaffirmed his protected status as a journalist under international law. Why can’t we afford these same rights to Palestinian journalists who are being targeted for covering the genocide?

Palestinian journalist Mohamed Balousha was stationed in northern Gaza on Dec. 16, 2023 when Israeli snipers targeted and shot him. Balousha lay in the street for over six hours as Israeli forces prevented ambulances from reaching him. A few weeks before he was targeted, Balousha was the first to report on the killing of four premature babies in al-Nasr hospital when Israeli forces forced hospital personnel to leave or be killed.

We need your help to push President Biden to commit to upholding the rights of Palestinians journalists who are on the ground reporting from Gaza.

This week, Palestinian journalists released a letter calling on their colleagues to boycott the White House Correspondents Dinner. We've collected a list of direct emails for 12 executives from major media companies, including the New York Times, CNN Worldwide and the Associated Press, who recently signed a letter committing to "championing the safety of journalists in Gaza."

Use the tool on this page to ask these executives to stand by their commitment by boycotting the White House Correspondents dinner. They can send a clear message to Biden: Palestinian journalists' rights must be protected.

One click will allow you to send a letter to all 12 media executives.

You can make a powerful statement that killing and starving journalists (or anyone) will not be tolerated and the Biden administration must be held accountable for its role.