Protect LGBTQ+ and Minority Youth: NO on SB 582/HB 241


HB241/SB582 the Unsafe Schools, or so-called "Parental Rights" Bill, disrupts the careful balance between parents’ rights and students’ constitutional rights within the Florida public school system. In particular, the bill presents problems for LGBTQ+ students who are already at risk of bullying and discrimination inside and outside of school by giving power and control to anti-LGBTQ+ and white supremacist parents, and parent groups, that are working to remove hard won LGBTQ+ “safe school” protections and inclusion policies.  

Furthermore, this bill is championed by anti-black, anti-immigrant, climate deniers (namely the Florida Citizens Alliance - whose list of supporters include various tea party groups, pro gun lobby groups, and conservative religious groups) who will be allowed to to restrict, and potentially control, school curriculum including literature, history, science, and humanities lessons that are currently LGBTQ+, black, brown, indigenous and immigrant inclusive and reflect current educational standards through the legislation.

The Florida House has already passed this horrible bill. Our only chance is to kill it in the Senate. Please click "write email" to send an email to the Florida Senate. Tell them to VOTE NO on this terrible bill. Parents already have rights in the Florida Constitution.  This bill is not giving parents rights - it is targeting our most vulnerable children and weakening our education system.