Protect Our Right To Clean Air

Transportation accounts for over 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions in Delaware, and passenger cars make up over 60% of that, making it incredibly important for us to use all of the tools in our toolbox to reduce these emissions. Keep in mind that these emissions are not just killing our planet, they are also incredibly harmful to our lungs as well, and are disproportionately impacting our most vulnerable populations.

Despite the very urgent need to reduce emissions and protect public health, at least two bills are moving forward to roll back key environmental programs and to block our ability to ensure proper environmental protections in Delaware moving forward.

House Bill 123 and Senate Bill 96 both seek to roll back the progress we have made to clean up our air in Delaware and make it easier for folks to choose clean transportation options. Further, they actively seek to gut our ability to regulate and reign in tailpipe emissions and set a precedent for undoing and preventing the ambitious climate policies that we need to address the climate crisis.

Please join us in emailing the Senate Environment, Energy & Transportation Committee to urge them to oppose House Bill 123 and Senate Bill 96.

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