Protect our neighbors' right to live in the community

Photo of 2014, 2018, and 2024 Wesley in Evanston, IL, 3 brick low-rise apartment buildings

In February of 2024, the City Manager of Evanston, IL threatened tenants of 3 low-rise apartment buildings owned by nonprofit Evanston Housing Coalition with a form letter telling them to “vacate the buildings”. These folks who have built a community together and have lived their entire lives in or near these apartments in the 5th ward, all of whom are Black and have a low and/or fixed income, trusted that the nonprofit corporation that owns the buildings would not abandon them. Everyone in Evanston counts on our elected and appointed officials to ensure that apartment buildings are inspected regularly and maintained. These tenants should not suffer the missteps of the nonprofit's board and the injustice of our officials’ negligence.

Please help the residents of 2014, 2018, and 2024 Wesley contact our elected officials for their help to protect and repair the buildings so these neighbors can continue to live in the tight-knit community they have built there. Incentives that some tenants were given for moving include 1 or 2 years of help with their new much higher rents, so repairing these buildings quickly for their return requires urgent action that our elected and appointed officials have so far refused to take. Please use this tool to send them letters today!

*Letter draft has been updated after the city finally responded with a 5/10/24 statement addressing some of the tenants' and residents' long-unanswered questions, thanks to the supporters who sent letters in the first day of this letter-writing action. If you haven't yet sent a letter please do so today to help ensure these buildings are finally repaired.

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