Tell your NM Legislators: Protect Public Health in New Mexico

Climate change is increasingly harming the health of New Mexicans, and the rate of its associated extreme weather events, such as extreme heat, drought, and flooding – along with wildfires and air pollution – is quickly accelerating. These hazards impact our health in many ways, including increased rates of heat stress, insect-borne diseases, lung and heart disease, and allergies.

By creating and funding a Public Health and Climate Resiliency Program at the Department of Health, the state can proactively protect New Mexicans from the harmful health impacts of climate change while working toward a healthier and more resilient future.

Now is the time for our Legislature to act and pass Senate Bill 5, the Public Health and Climate Resiliency Act.

Make your voice heard - please click "Start Writing" now to send a letter to all the members of the House and Senate Finance Committees.

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