Protect rooftop solar in California

Tell the California Public Utilities Commission(CPUC) to stand by their proposed decision to protect solar rights for California utility customers. Big utilities want to block rooftop solar by making it more expensive and taking the benefits of solar away from most Californians.  Many of you protested this trick at a recent CPUC meeting, and the CPUC issued a proposed decision against them. Now the monopoly utilities are bringing pressure to amend the decision and set unfair rates. We need to push back by filling the commissioners' mailboxes with letters in support of rooftop solar. 

The CPUC will take action on the fate of rooftop solar at their meeting on January 28th. 350 Bay Area is joining Environment California, Vote Solar, the Sierra Club and others in the Coalition for Solar Rights to ask the CPUC to make the right decision for California and expand, not limit access to rooftop solar. Send your letter and demand that the CPUC support rooftop solar.

Letter Campaign by
350 Bay Area
Berkeley, California
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