Public Safety and Black Lives

Are you committed to creating a more just and equitable public safety system in Massachusetts?

We still have work to do in Massachusetts to address the structural inequities and lack of trust in our public safety system. An Act to Save Black Lives by Transforming Public Safety, introduced by Representative Liz Miranda (HD 5128) and Senate Majority Leader Cynthia Creem (S.2968) will take important steps in the effort toward equity and justice. This legislation establishes:

  • Strengthened use of force rules
  • New investigatory requirements within Attorney General’s Office
  • Creates a “Duty to intervene” when an officer witnesses abuse of force
  • Establishes that unnecessary use of force by an officer violates someone’s civil rights
  • Data collection and reporting processes to prevent hire of abusive officers
  • Prohibition on no-knock warrants
  • Prohibition on the use of choke holds, tear gas, and other dangerous “less than lethal” weapons and tactics
  • Public records of police misconduct investigations and outcomes

Massachusetts needs to pass HD5128/S2968 to save Black lives and transform our public safety system.

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