Public School Funding Should Not Be Held Hostage by Private School Entitlements

Good public education policy is being held hostage by private school tax credit programs.

Both the Oklahoma House and Senate have proposed excellent public education bills this session. Pay raises and bonuses for teachers, maternity leave, teacher retention and mentorship programs, increased building security, additional school nurses and counselors and more. And, most importantly, increased funding from our state's record revenue into the general school funding formula to benefit every student across the state.

All of this is being dangled like a carrot in exchange for a 'yes' vote on the nation's most generous private school tax credit program. Rural schools want more funding for vo-tech classes, teacher pay raises, and classroom dollars? Your legislator has to support tax credits for wealthy private school families in OKC and Tulsa. Metro and suburban schools need school nurses, more counselors and maternity leave to retain teachers? Only if your legislator is willing to divert public funds to private schools through tax credits.

The House has proposed a package of two bills that they say MUST BE VOTED ON TOGETHER. They are refusing to hear any Senate education proposals unless these pass.

  • HB 2775: provides teacher pay raises and increased public school funding
  • HB 1935: offers individual families tax credits for private school tuition and other educational expenses of $5,000 per student

The Senate has amended HB 1935. Their version offers a $7,500 tax credit to families earning $250,000 or less. They will vote THIS THURSDAY.

Click NOW to share your concerns with your Senator. Tell them they should not be coerced into private school tax credits!