Pull the Poles: Save Our Water!

To Governor Baker and the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Carver, MA:

We demand that:

  • You immediately order all wood poles treated with Chromated Copper Arsenic (CCA) —or other hazardous chemicals—to be removed from cranberry bogs and wetlands in Carver;

  • Governor Baker immediately convene an independent expert panel to study the short and long term impacts of arsenic and other metals leaching from the poles to the water, air, and lands; and

  • Prove via credible, independent evidence that our water and health are safe from arsenic poisoning.

Why the arsenic poles must be removed:

Thousands of solar panel poles treated with CCA have been driven into at least 100 acres of cranberry bogs. It is a scientific fact that arsenic from this treated wood leaches into the environment.

CCA causes cancer in humans and is toxic to aquatic species.

Cranberries are 99% water and may absorb CCA. Are cranberries safe to eat?

The Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer is our only drinking water supply and it is or will be  poisoned with arsenic.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and Department of Agriculture approved these projects.  They are using ratepayer and taxpayer subsidies under the “dual use” solar program for these projects. These agencies must immediately cancel their approvals for the project.

As our state and local leaders we demand that you immediately fix this terrible wrong and protect our water!

More information:
savethepinebarrens.org  for Southeastern Massachusetts Deforestation, Earth Removal and Solar Issues

www.pullthepoles.org for Carver Campaign on Pull the Poles