Put a Formal End to the Korean War

The Korean War was paused in 1953 with an Armistice Agreement. Today, over 65 years later, there is still no peace treaty putting a formal end to this war.

A new resolution authored by Rep. Ro Khanna aims to change this. The resolution, H.Res. 152, calls upon the United States to formally declare an end to the war and would affirm that the United States does not seek armed conflict with North Korea.

This would go a long way to creating the conditions for a nuclear weapons-free Korean Peninsula. President Moon Jae-in committed jointly with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “to declare the end of war” on the Korean Peninsula and to promote meetings involving the United States “with a view to replacing the Armistice Agreement with a peace agreement.” Ending the conflict is a symbolic measure that represents an important security guarantee towards realizing North Korea’s denuclearization, and achieving a Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons.

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