Tell Lawmakers: Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

Being all in for Ohio we means we are all in for Black lives.
We share a responsibility to break the cycle of systemic racism and violence against Black folks in Ohio and every where, especially those of us with white privilege. Only by facing our broken system head-on can we begin to rebuild it.

Send a letter to your lawmakers to join us in support of the proposal for state lawmakers to declare racism a public health crisis in Ohio.

Many Ohioans understand that systemic racism harms and even kills Black folks in our state every day. A lot of times, oppressive, racist policies are brought into our world by corporate greed and the politicians they fund to keep us, America's multiracial working class, separated from one another because they know we are stronger together. But we won’t let them tear us apart. We are greater than fear.

Being all in for Ohio means we stand together against racism and divisions, and we know that includes demanding good schools for ALL of our kids, clean water & air for every community, and healthcare we can all afford.

We pull through by pulling together. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, most of us do our part to support our communities - staying home when we can, wearing a mask, checking in our friends and neighbors. We’ve looked out for one another, and that can’t change now. We need to use that same spirit of unity to stand with our friends and neighbors protesting against systemic racism, policy brutality, and white supremacist violence.

More about the declaration of racism as a public health crisis: Ohioans want our government officials to listen to doctors and public health experts. And the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association and American College of Physicians all agree: racism is a public health crisis.

Over 200 people prepared testimony in support of this measure, which allows public health dollars to be spent on anti-racism efforts and signals the need to design policies and their outcomes through an anti-racist lens.
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