Railway Safety Needs One More Vote: Tell Your Senators to Pass the Bipartisan Railway Safety Act Now

The Railway Safety Act of 2023 is said to be one vote away from passage in the Senate.

This bipartisan legislation is necessary for preventing train derailments, like the one in East Palestine, OH, that harm rail workers and the public.

We need YOUR help to get this legislation across the line! Send a letter now to tell your Senator that you want them to support it – they could be the one vote we need!

This bill prohibits rail carriers from imposing time constraints on rail car and locomotive inspections, providing major work-life improvements for our Carmen and Machinists crafts.

It also ensures that the highly skilled and qualified Carmen and Machinists of the IAM and TCU/IAM are the ones conducting inspections (such as locomotive and pre-departure railcar inspections), rather than relying on operating crews or other untrained inspectors.

Now is the time to tell your Senators that railway safety is important to you by sending a letter asking them to vote in favor of this bill.

Our prewritten letter will send a strong message to your Senators that you need them to support this legislation, but please personalize it to make YOUR voice heard. Tell your Senators that you’re a railroad worker, briefly explain the work you do, or share a personal story of why passing the Railway Safety Act is important to you and your family.

You will only be able to send a letter if you live in Wyoming, Indiana, Alabama, Louisiana, Maine, Iowa, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The Senate’s 48 Democrats, 3 Independents, and eight of 49 Republicans are in support. It needs 60 votes to pass—and appears to have 59 right now. That means we need just one more Senate Republican vote. Letters can only be sent to the following Senators who might support:

Senator John Barrasso (Republican, Wyoming)
Senator Cynthia Lummis (Republican, Wyoming)
Senator Mike Braun (Republican, Indiana)
Senator Katie Britt (Republican, Alabama)
Senator Tommy Tuberville (Republican, Alabama)
Senator Bill Cassidy (Republican, Louisiana)
Senator John Kennedy (Republican, Louisiana)
Senator Susan Collins (Republican, Maine)
Senator Joni Ernst (Republican, Iowa)
Senator Chuck Grassley (Republican, Iowa)
Senator Tim Scott (Republican-South Carolina)
Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican-South Carolina)
Senator Thom Tillis (Republican, North Carolina)

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