Recognize DRO United!

We’re asking Disability Rights Ohio Executive Director Kerstin Sjoberg to recognize our union. Last Friday, DRO management found out about our organizing efforts to improve our working conditions and wasted no time in sending negative, confusing, and biased anti-union emails to all staff. But we’ve already made the decision to unionize with an overwhelming majority of staff. That’s why we’re formally asking for recognition, so we can start negotiating over matters of pay, healthcare, and working conditions. Unions are a progressive value, and if Kerstin considers DRO a progressive institution, then recognition of our union should be obvious.

Through tireless advocacy and litigation fighting for the wages of people with disabilities and conditions in their workplace, DRO and Kerstin have shown commitment to equity and workers’ rights. We ask Kerstin to continue that commitment to our work place too.

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