Regulate Short-Term Rentals in Inglewood!

Earlier this year, a deadly shooting at an Airbnb in Inglewood claimed four lives. Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. called the shooting the worst act of violence in the city in years. The shooting occurred at a birthday party at an Airbnb short-term rental in a quiet residential neighborhood less than two miles from the new SoFi Stadium. SoFi has quickly become the premier stadium venue in Southern California hosting the biggest names in sports and entertainment.  

As Inglewood increases its capacity to welcome guests, the City must also protect its existing communities, affordable housing, and the safety of residents. Un-hosted short-term rentals pose a significant threat to sustainable development.

Un-hosted short-term rental activity, including vacation rental, will take housing off the market and turn it into dedicated tourist housing, accelerate gentrification, and raise rents for all. Un-hosted short-term rentals are often used as party houses, which cause noise disturbances, create trash, monopolize parking, and disrupt the character of our residential communities. The shooting last January, sadly, highlights the grave threat to public safety posed by un-hosted short-term rentals.

The City of Inglewood will vote this month to adopt laws to regulate short-term rentals.

URGE INGLEWOOD to ban all un-hosted short-term rentals and prohibit short-term rentals in rent-controlled housing to ensure affordable housing is used for tenants and not tourists.

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