REI, Restore SoHo's Pay NOW!

a photo of REI SoHo workers raising their fists overlaid with evergreen and text: "REI, Restore SoHo's Pay NOW!"

Last summer, as a result of workers organizing, REI introduced "The Way Forward," a new package of pay and benefits that was extended to green vests at every REI store across the country...except for SoHo. After our store engaged in a walk-out in November, we won the pay raise and improved benefits package in exchange for an agreement not to strike through June 1, 2023.

Right on June 1, REI went ahead and advised our union it would cut pay for many of our coworkers at the SoHo store despite us not even engaging in a strike. We are asking our customers and supporters to call on REI leadership to restore our pay IMMEDIATELY, and to return to the bargaining table ready to bargain in a real way.

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