Reinvest in Public Higher Education

We are making our voices heard, along with our colleagues around the US, to urge Congress to enact important measures that will improve equity in higher education in the US. Right now, we need to push for three key equity provisions to be included in the social infrastructure bill. Specifically, these three provisions would:

  • Require all institutions getting federal support to move towards 75 percent tenure stream instruction, starting by converting current adjuncts and NTTs to new tenure stream positions;

  • offer free college at 2- and 4-year institutions, with an emphasis on HBCUs and BIPOC students; and

  • require pay parity for remaining adjuncts and a living wage for all campus workers.

Will you make your voice heard and urge Senator Patty Murray to push for these provisions to be included in the bill? Click the “Start Writing” button to be taken to a page where you can email your congressional representatives.

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