Reject the Corrupt Contract

Let’s keep the #SaveNilesLibrary momentum going! We've gotten your messages, but the people who need to hear your concerns now are the trustees.

Within a week of being sworn in, with the help of new Board President Carolyn Drblik, the new anti-library trustees Olivia Hanusiak, Joe Makula, and Susan Schoenfeldt surprised even their supporters with blatant cronyism. They voted for an open-ended, $100-an-hour contract for their unqualified friend and election campaign videographer, Steven Yasell. If you missed the meeting or Tribune coverage and you want to read more, look here: Library Special Board Meeting 5-24-2021

Don’t let these anti-library trustees gut our library with a fake audit from their buddy. Please use this form that will email the library trustees and CC the library's Executive Director and the Mayor of Niles.

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