Remove Police After Assault at Eustis High School

PoliceFreeSchools AssaultAtEustis

School cops brutally assault students, in 2 Florida schools.

Last week videos were posted on social media by student at Eustis High School (Eustis, Fl) & Liberty High School (Kissimmee, FL) showing a School Resource Officers (SRO) brutally assaulting high school students. Here are a few videos of the Incident: Link1, Link2 ** These videos are very graphic and may be triggering**

Our Youth Deserve #PoliceFreeSchools!

We join the Florida Student Power Network and youth across the state of Florida in their demand that the state and every school district in Florida must end all police presence in schools. These grotesque incidents and the many more going undocumented are why they have been advocating to remove SROs and reallocating those resources to students’ well being and mental health, after school programs, and young people’s academic futures.

Letter Campaign by
Leidy Robledo
PHOENIX, Arizona