Rent Relief Letters to Mayor Palmieri

So many people in our community have lost jobs or wages as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown and will not be able to pay this month's rent or the next. Half of Utica's residents were one emergency away from homelessness before this pandemic. Now they're out of options.

This is why the Utica Common Council just passed the Rent Relief Resolution. Now it's on Mayor Palmieri to act.

While there is a temporary freeze on evictions and mortgage payments in New York State, we must also provide a safety net for renters who are experiencing financial hardship so that homelessness doesn't increase when the ban is lifted and landlords demand payment.

Utica is receiving $1.48 million in federal relief dollars aimed at helping or preventing people from becoming homeless. Join us in calling on Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri to set up a program that draws on this federal funding to provide rent relief for struggling tenants, in order to prevent an increase in homelessness in our city. We've seen similar spikes during and after previous recessions. Let's take action now to help people stay in their homes this time around!