Repeal L.E.O.B.R.

On October 16th, the Police Reform & Accountability Workgroup created by Speaker of the House Adrienne Jones recommended the repeal of the Law Enforcement's Officer's Bill of Rights (L.E.O.B.R.). L.E.O.B.R. gives law enforcement officers additional rights and protections, beyond those allotted to civilians. The rights and protections include:

  1. Allowing officers charged with crimes to delay interrogations for up to five business days in order to find legal counsel;
  2. Limits the time to submit a complaint against an officer to one year and one day after the alleged misconduct;
  3. Before police investigate complaints against officers, they must notify the accused officers of the name, command, and rank of the lead investigator.
Even though the workgroup has recommended repeal of L.E.O.B.R., there is growing concern that repeal will not pass without public pressure. Please join our letter campaign to urge your State Delegates and Senator to vote for the repeal of L.E.O.B.R. As public pressure mounts we are also asking every Delegate and Senator to sign the Vote to Repeal L.E.O.B.R. Pledge.
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Waldorf, Maryland