Restore Utica Term Limits (Respect the People's Vote!)


Governments should respect the will of the people. Unfortunately, in Utica, there has been a trend of councilmembers voting to overturn the will of the voters. Term limits is the prime example. Utica voters, in a referendum, voted overwhelmingly to set term limits at 8 consecutive years in office. Then, in a brazen act of defiance, the Utica Common Council of 2017 voted to overturn the will of the people and extend term limits for themselves and other elected officials to 12 consecutive years in office.

Now, it's time for the Common Council of 2020 to show Utica that the will of the voters is more important than the whims of the well-connected. The Utica Common Council should immediately act to restore term limits to reflect the will of the voters. It would be an important first step in making city government more accountable, transparent, and democratic.

Sign here to send an email to the Clerk of the Utica Common Council. It is our understanding that our emails will then be read aloud to the entire council and entered into the record as public comment at the next Common Council meeting. Let's make sure they hear from as many voices as possible!