Restore the J-Line to Roosevelt

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Dear Neighbors,

Metro and SDOT have decided to cut short the Roosevelt Rapid Ride line, which was supposed to go from South Lake Union to Roosevelt. Now called the "J Line," the plan is to stop in the University District.

They decided to cut it because they were worried about capital funding. Three weeks later, the Biden infrastructure bill passed, producing the best capital funding environment transit has seen in decades. The decision needs to be reversed immediately.

For the reasons detailed in the letter below, this is a blow to justice, the climate, quality of life for many thousands of people. It keeps Northeast Seattle from having bike access to the commercial core. And like too many decisions by our transit agencies, it takes much of the value off the table while keeping most of the cost.

Please sign our letter to our transit executives at the city and county, as well as the elected leaders they report to.

Many thanks!

Letter Campaign by
Ron Davis
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts