Return Bibi Zatoon to E-wing

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CW: mentions of mental health crisis

UPDATE 13.11

Ms Bibi is now located on F Wing. She was moved off E wing after helping a woman in severe distress. Ms Bibi is still pending investigation for her attempts to help her fellow prisoner. She has put in a comp 1 (complaint)  form to find the reason for the transfer. Ms Bibi hasn't broken any rules but has been left without an explanation. She has spoken to security officer Clark who assured her who assured her she would have a word with Mr Marshal and Mr Griffins to find out what is going on.

Ms Bibi is being punished for trying to help someone in distress and anyone else would have done the same thing.

Cameo are supporting her to move back to E-Wing and live independently. She has spoken to her psychologist Ashley who also in support of her returning to E-Wing.

Officer Beth Walker also said she has sat with the lady in distress and is aware of what happened.

Ms. Bibis faith is very important to her and she prays a lot and she is in the middle of an appeal and didn't need this extra stuff on top of everything she is always going through.

There are no issues with Ms. Bibi on F wing and she is supportive of other prisoners. She doesn't understand why she's under investigation. Action needs to be taken and reasons need to be given.

Original Post

On Wednesday the 3rd November, without notice Bibi was transfered from her friends and support network E wing.

Bibi was not allowed to bring any of her possetions with her, including the documents she is working on relating to her appeal. She was also denied food last night, and not allowed to bring her plate or cups in order to eat.

She was been moved before dinner to a filthy cell which had rubbish still stacked in the corner. Her repeated requests for cleaning supplies, shower curtain and toilet roll have been rejected or ignored.

She has been told she has been moved "pending investigation", however she has not been informed what is being investigated for, or for how long. She is an "advance" has had no adjudications since being on E-Wing. We believe this is an arbitrary and punitive move by the Custodial Manager, Mr Marshall, the officer who initiated the move.

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